How well do you handle Rejection?

Rejection is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life. It is a fact of life. What makes a difference is how well it is handled?

Rejection can be painful because as humans we have been created for acceptance, not rejection. Acceptance is a basic human need that is why rejection affects us negatively. It can affect one’s self-confidence and esteem if not handled properly. It can also turn a person into a people pleaser to avoid being rejected.

I admit I have not handled rejection very well. But I have grown in dealing with it much better. These are some of the ways I learnt to deal with it.

3 Ways to handle rejection better

Do not take rejection personally

Acknowledge the fact that rejection is not about you; so never see it as your fault. Rejection happens for different reasons; the other person may be rejecting something in particular that didn’t work for them. If you got turned down at a job interview, it doesn’t mean you were the worse candidate there are various reasons people get rejected at interviews. They may be looking for a less experienced person; sometimes interviewers get it wrong. It is not about you as a person. You will deal with rejection better if you bear in mind that it’s not always about you and move yourself and your feelings out of the way. Think about what might be going on with the other person. They may be having a bad day for all you know, and their actions may not be directed at you. The problem may be with the other person and not you.

Refuse to let rejection define you

Don’t let a single incident of rejection make you conclude something untrue about yourself. Just because you were the only one out of your friends that got turned down for a university application does not mean you are a failure. Do not generalise rejection, see it as an individual incident and nothing more than that. Don’t allow it to label you. One person’s opinion, or a single incident, should never define who you are. Don’t let your self-worth depend on other people’s opinions of you. Just because someone thinks something about you, doesn’t mean it’s true. Keep rejection in a proper perspective.

Build more inner resilience toward rejection

If rejection affects you that much, then find better ways of handling it. Rejection hardly affects people who love themselves and know their self-worth and value. So, if you want to be immune to it, you can work on developing your self-worth and love. Know who you are and know your worth; your self-worth comes from God the one who created you. He has said many wonderful things in the bible that affirms your worth and value and those are the truth that you need to believe and hold on to. He said amongst all His creations, He chose to create you in His image (like Himself) Genesis 1:26; He also calls you His masterpiece which means His most valued and outstanding creation, an outstanding work of art Ephesians 2:10 and so many more. Nothing anybody does or say can deplete your self-worth if your worth is found in Christ. People actions, the way they treat you, their opinion of you does not decrease your value. If you understand this and believes it and allow it to take root in your heart and soul, then rejection will no longer affect you.

This is something I have had to learn for myself, I will admit I am still a work in progress in this area. And I will continue in the word of God until it has taken root in my heart and soul and until people’s reactions no longer affect me. I encourage you to do the same. If people’s reaction still affects you, you are not there yet. Keep at the word until you have become immune to people’s opinions. See it as part of your personal development in becoming the best version of yourself.