Learning to build resilience; Build mental strength

A resilent mind

If you are going to be the best version of yourself and birth the greatness that lies within you. You are going to need strong minds that cannot easily give in to challenges and difficult times. Whether you are going to succeed or fail is dependent on the kind of mind you have. If you always feel mentally defeated, your chances of ever getting to where you want to be in life will be small. There is nothing that you can’t do or become when you have an incredibly strong mindset. Having the mental strength to keep moving forward in challenging and volatile situations; staying positive regardless of the negative circumstances and persistently pressing on until you finally reach your destination is an excellent display of mental toughness. Mental strength is the display of enormous courage to push through the face of adversity to achieve your goals.

My experience  

I have realised over the years how my thinking limited me. I believe God gave me a sound mind, but have not used my mind correctly, instead of using it to believe, I used it to worry and entertain fear and anxiety. This behaviour held me back in many ways. It stopped me from being myself, from trying new things even doing things I loved. I have realised that if I am going to be the person God created me to be, then I will have to get a tougher mind.

I have come to realise that if I’m going to get far in life and live my dreams, then I will have to work more on my mind to build the right kind of mind that will assist me to reach my goals, else I will always back out when it becomes difficult.

I gather I need strong minds if l have to stand firm and believe the things that God has said about me even though my actions might not march them at present.

I envisage that I need strong minds to come to a place of acceptance of myself, especially my difference so that no amount of disapproval can dissuade me from my purpose. Else a little rejection will take me off track, and there are going to be plenty of them as I am discovering.

I also recognise that I have to be mentally strong so I don’t get bounced around by life challenges.

Leaders mostly process this characteristic, they have strong minds and do not give in easily on the goals until they are have achieved them; despite the fights put up against them from every angle. Developing mental toughness is a process, it’s not something that happens overnight. It takes time and patience and a conscious effort on your part to become more resilient.

Three ways I learnt how to become resilient in the mind;

Train the mind

Train the mind to choose right thoughts. Teach the mind to choose and focus on positives over negatives and keep doing it until the mind gets used to thinking that way.  Change can be difficult doing it on your own, sometimes willpower alone is not enough, always seek God’s help. You can also find resources like books to help you do it.

Change perspectives 

Looking at things differently makes a lot of a difference. The mind sometimes hubs on negatives and impossibilities and makes it difficult to see past challenges. But viewing problems from another angle makes a lot of a difference; it allows you move around an obstacle to proceed with what you have to do. It takes your focus off the negative.

Self-talk and positive inner voice

Your inner voice sometimes can make you feel defeated. It’s crucial to learn how to quieten the negative inner voice by replacing them with more positive ones. The negative voice can be loud and intimidating at times; your ability to counteract them with positive ones is what will give you victory.

A resilient mind is a key to performing at your best; there is nothing you can’t do when you have a tough mind. My goal is to work on obtaining that kind of a mindset to help me achieve the things I aspire to do. I believe that should be everyone’s goal; because that is the place you can live your dreams, fulfil your purpose and maximise your full potential.