Learning to build resilience; Build inner strength

Build spiritual strength

As mentioned in my previous post, it is not what happened to us, but our response to what happened is what makes a difference. If we can work on our response, then we will be in the best position to act appropriately in times of crisis and be stable enough to carry out our goals. But if we are easily irritated, our circumstances undoutedly dictates to us and puts us in a position where we are unable to follow things through in our lives. Our aim must be to work on ourselves to be stable and peaceful, where things in our environment no longer control us. Instability affects our creativity and productivity; it interferes with our peace of mind in making right decisions.  But when we come to the place where we have learnt to control ourselves internally, then external things can no longer have an effect on us; that is the place we want to be, it’s a place of strength and growth. We must work on building our inner strength to come to a place of absolute peace. One way to do this is to develop our spiritual strength.

We are spirits, we live in a body and have souls. If we are going to build inner strength, then we must work on strengthening our spirit man. It is the inner man that sustains the outer man. If the spirit is strong, it can withstand anything; a weak spirit leaves us prey to anything.

Those who wait on the Lord shall RENEW THEIR STRENGTH; they shall raise up with wings like eagle they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40: 31

The only way we can renew and build spiritual strength is to connect with God to draw on His strength. You can’t get it from going to the gym only by plugging into the highest spirit which is God; the powerhouse so His power can flow through us to nourish, energise and strengthen us to enable us stand firm on the inside in any situation to achieve our dreams and be at our best. It is one of those things that we cannot do without, it can’t be replaced with money or education. A strong spirit is what holds everything in place without it; we can become vulnerable to anything and moved by everything.

You can connect with God by developing a relationship with Him, that means spending time with him. God is not physical, so we can only relate to him through his word (the Bible) and prayer.  The word of God is the spiritual food for our spirits. If all we are doing is building the physical man and neglecting the spirit which is who we are then we can see why we may be having problems. God is the source of peace, so if we want to be stable and peaceful, we have to hook up with the source.

My approach

There are no set rules for prayer and reading God’s word; it’s best we do what we are comfortable with and what works for us. I have learnt to be creative about it; so, it doesn’t become just a routine. I love to read the Bible by topics that is my preferred way. If I need the peace of God I will search for many scriptures on the peace of God; Google is an excellent tool to use for scripture search. I would read and meditate on them and pray and ask God to help me experience His peace. Other days I will find various passages on the topic and read and make notes as I go along. I would just pray on other days. There are days when I just take a scripture and speak it back to myself over and over again to get my mind and spirit to receive it. There are also days I would read a book or listen to teachings that will help my spiritual growth.

The key is to find what works for you and makes you grow. Everybody is different what works for me may not necessarily work for you, find your own path.  I think consistency is vital if we are going to build those strong spiritual muscles, so life does always topple us over. Relax and have fun with God so you will keep coming back for more. One day you will grow to the place where even half an hour or an hour is not enough for you, you would want more. It is the only place you can grow spiritual muscles to remain unchanging in the storms of life.

Maintaining your peace in the midst of anything is a position of power, there is nothing you cannot do when you are peaceful, it is a place where you can accomplish your dreams, be productive, be creative and grow. But it does not just happen we have to work on ourselves to get to that place. Connect to the God of peace and His peace that surpasses all understanding will rob off you to help you remain constant in any situation to achieve the great things you desire.