Do you know your worth?

When it comes to your worth and value, you first need to establish that God values you. If He sacrifices His only Son for you, so you can live. That is enough to show you; you are valued.

Your self-worth and value

How do you measure your worth? Do you know yourself worth? Do you know your value as a person? How do you value yourself? Do you value yourself by what you have, by what you do or by people’s perception of you?

What determines your worth? Is it money, your status, or is it what life has dished out to you. None of these determines one’s value. According to God, you are priceless, you might not feel it because of what you might have gone through in life, but feelings do not count when it comes to the truth.

Your Worth and value

There are so many scriptures in the Bible that affirm our worth and our value. 1 Corinthians 6:20 We have been bought at a price; this simply means you and I are priceless, too precious that our value cannot be determined. Matthew 10:29-31…..donot be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows; Matthew 6:26 ….are you not much more valuable than they?; Isaiah 43:4 you are precious and honored in his sight….Genesis 1:27 we have been created in the image of God. God created the birds and sparrows yet we can see he places more value on humans than them, he even created us like Himself that is how much He values us. So no matter what experiences you’ve had in your life try not to look down on yourself, or allow the enemy to use them against you to make you feel worthless. The one who made you said you are good. If you do not settle this with yourself, you will never be good enough to fulfill your full potential.

You might not feel good about yourself because of experiences you might have encountered in life, but I encourage you to place God’s word above your feelings. It is the only way you can have victory over how you feel about yourself and indeed your life.

You are good enough

It’s important to establish that you are not how you feel about yourself, that is just feelings, that is not who you are, you are not your struggles, your circumstances so do not measure your worth and value by any of these. They do not change who you are or your worth. The word of God assures us that every creature of God is good. 1 Timothy 4:4 and that includes you and I. When God created us, the Bible said He saw everything that he made and behold it was good, and He approved it completely. Genesis 1:31 AMPC. He does not make junks, Everything he made is good and has a purpose for it.  Our present circumstances or the way we feel about ourselves or how others might have treated us may not indicate we are good. But we need to learn to believe the truth above our feelings or our present circumstances.

Other words for good are valuable, excellent. You are perfect in the eyes of your creator, and you need to start seeing yourself that way.

When a product is manufactured, it goes through product testing to ensure its safety for consumer consumption. Once it passes the test, a stamp of approval is placed on the product to indicate it is good for consumer use. God has an approval stamp on you. You are good for what you have been made for. When he made you He checked to see that nothing was missing or lacking before He said good, approved, just like the product. He does not make mistakes, if you do not feel good about yourself, I encourage you to start seeing yourself the way God sees you because you can’t be all He has created you to be; you can’t be the best version of yourself if you don’t agree with him. He does not make unfit products. Regardless of how you feel, where you have been, what your experiences are. Trust him when he said you are good. To Him you are perfect, you need to believe it and see yourself as so.

I listened to a lady on a talk show who had no limbs and little use of her tiny legs. What she said blow my mind and has since stayed with me. The interviewer asked her if she felt sorry for herself, her response was no, with some kind of boldness. She said there is nothing disabled about her; there is nothing wrong with her. She explained that when she was little her grandma always told her that God did not give her limbs and legs because she did not need them; she has everything she needs to live a fulfilled life, so she never saw herself as disabled, and she is living life to the full. She is married with a child and travels around the world helping people who are physically and mentally handicap become whole. What is your excuse?

I have learnt that whatever circumstance you find yourself in if you can trust God and don’t focus on your challenges, you will be amazed what God can do with it. He has a reputation of making something out of nothing. He created the world with nothing but His words.

You have been created for a purpose

You are relevant because you have been created for a purpose. Think about it even as humans, everything we create has a purpose how much more God. Everything He created has a purpose, and that includes you and I. Genesis 1:1-31 The sea, land, and animals were all made for a purpose; to serve mankind, so are you. You are good for the purpose you have been created for; you just need to believe it. God has a purpose and plan for everything He created; he does not create things just for the sake the of it, He is a God of purpose. Things happen, and life happens, and sometimes you feel failure written all over you and wonder if something good could come out of you. You failed at school, work not going well, no luck at all with relationships, one issue after the other, you encounter a lot in life which sometimes take a toll on you and how you feel about yourself.  Especially when you compare yourself to people you think have it altogether. These things can send people into depression, anxiety, and all sorts. Be encouraged, despite the challenges you are still that great, valuable person made by God. You might ask, if God said I’m good why am l blind, why am l depressed, why am l failing. If God said, you are good trust me that is what you are. You might think I have no skill, no talent, can’t even locate what my strength are, I am always depressed how can l be good or how am I good.

In my experience, I honestly believed I was good at nothing, and honestly found strength in everybody around me but did not find any in myself, l prayed to God to help me find mine but found absolutely nothing but I easily located the strength in others. This affected my self-esteem because I saw others as better than myself. I don’t believe that anymore I believe I am good, l have a purpose, and I have a problem to solve. I realized that finding the strength in others is actually one of my strength. You may find your purpose within the struggle or the challenge that you may be going through, try not to allow it overcome you or allow it define you. You are good, believe it and say to yourself every morning I am good and I have worth and value, this alone can increase your self-esteem, and build your self-worth. Don’t just say it but believe it.

God values you, in his creation, he placed you and me above everything he created. Genesis 1:28 That’s how much he values you. You are very valuable to God. You need to learn to value yourself. He made you great with everything you need to live a fulfilled life. All that you need to live a fulfilled life is within you. There is nothing missing, nothing broken, you are good and complete. If you have no leg, he said you are good, believe it and work with God to bring the best out in you. Whatever story you have told yourself due to your experiences in life, I’m here to encourage you to believe that despite it all, you are good. The things you have been through does not make God a liar rather they are to build you up for where he’s taking you. Do you remember the story of Joseph in the Bible? God used everything that he went to build him up for the future. Don’t allow life and people to define you; you are greater than that in God’s eye, choose to see yourself the way He sees you. Don’t settle for less there is greatness in every creature of God; you are very important to  God and the world. The world is waiting for you to solve a problem that only you can solve best, don’t let your negative feelings or how people have treated you or your life experiences steal that from you. Don’t live the lies you have been telling yourself, rise above those voices and accomplish God’s will for your life.