Dealing with fear, so it does not steal our best lives? 

Fear is designed to stop you from being your best, from fulfilling your destiny and being the person God created you to be. Everybody experience fear at some point, some more than others. But what you do with it, is the issue here. Do you allow it to take control you, do run from it, do you allow it to stop you or do you press on regardless? It’s important what steps you take to deal with fear because if you allow it; it can ruin your life and your destiny.

Fear is a spirit; it is a master spirit that manifests itself in many ways. It shows itself through worry, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger, etc.  The root cause of many of these mental and emotions issue is fear. It is a negative emotion designed to steal from you. The acronym for FEAR is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Fear feels very real, but in reality, there is nothing to fear. There is no physical threat. There is no lion chasing you, that you should be fearful of.  It’s the feeling of fear you need to address because there is nothing to be fearful of.  Fear can put you in a prison if you allow it.  The Bible says Fear is torment; (1 John 4:8.) It can hold you captive and torment you. It’s important you address the issue of fear in your life because it will stop you from being all you have been created to be. Learn how to deal with it so it does not dictate your life.

  My experience with fear

I had a big struggle with fear, l feared anything and everything. My fear ranged from being at home alone at night to what people thought about me. I prayed about it, fasted, confessed fear scriptures daily, but nothing worked until I came to the realization that fear would not go away until I confronted it. Until you stand up against fear, it is going nowhere it will intimidate you, hold you captive, control you and actually bully you. That is exactly what fear does to you. Fear does not go away, you need to tighten your door, so it does not get in.

Examine your life; you will realize that anytime you decide to do something new, the first voice you hear is the voice of fear. When I decided to write this blog, you will not believe the voices that tried to stop me. The voices that said you can’t write, there are people who write better than you, who will read it, the voices were endless, and they were louder every day. The voices have not gone away, but l decided to go ahead with it anyway. I am learning not pay attention to those voices but move pass them and do what I have to do, because I have learnt that, it is better to try and fail than not try at all. At least I can learn from my experiences and do it differently the next time.

These are some of the things I learnt in my journey in tackling fear, so it does control me.

Using spiritual weapons

Fear is a spirit and can be conquered with spiritual weapons

There are hundreds of scriptures for fear in the Bible; God knew that this would be a problem for mankind, so he made provision for it. The best way to defeat fear is to employ spiritual weapon which is the word of God. A few of the scriptures I use to deal with fear are as follows;

God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, but of love but of sound mind. 1Timothy 1:7. We are spirits, if God has given us a spirit of power, then it means we were created with power in our spirits, not fear. The power he has given us is the ability to get results. The dictionary meaning of power is ability, capability, bold, strength, gut, courage, courage to confront fear. Meditate on these words daily to change your thinking about fear. The one I like is gut, that is what the creator has placed in you and l, not timidity or the spirit to crawl back or fold in to fear.

1 John 1:4 MSG say there is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Sometimes l try to interpret God’s word in a way to help me to get it. So, I imagine a room full of love, and there is space for fear. In other words, fear cannot co-exist with love where there is love, fear is out of the door which means that if you have Gods perfect love in you, fear cannot exist in you because his love in you get rid of fear. Simply you can’t have God love in you and be fearful. If this is the truth, then you need to feed on the love of God for YOU until fear loses its power in your life. God’s love is an antidote to fear. I am currently studying Gods love until l get a full revelation of His love and no longer have an issue with fear.

Psalms 56:3 says that What time l am afraid, l will trust thee. You can put your trust in your Heavenly Father knowing that He can protect you against anything that has come against you, trust that He is in control and will take care of you. You can trust that; it is going to be ok, he has your back.

There are many scriptures like these you can find to help defeat the enemy of fear.

 Go against fear  

Fear is not a gentleman so you cannot deal with it gently. You need to be aggressive and stand up against it else it’s going no way. One thing I learnt about fear is it’s not going to go away so you need to tighten your door of entry so it cannot get in. Fear will show up anytime you try to step out to do something new and different. The only way to handle fear is to confront it, go against it. When fear says, you can’t do it, trust God and do it even if you are shivering with fear, even if you have to take baby steps to do it. Whatever you do, don’t give in to fear, when you conquer it once, you develop the courage to do it again and again but if you give in to it, it takes control of you and will always dictate to you.

Read the story about the people of Israel in the Bible. When they were confronted with the Red Sea and the Egyptian army behind them; fear gripped them, they couldn’t go back to Egypt because they would be killed and they obviously couldn’t go through the Red Sea. When they called out to God for help, His response to them was to MOVE FORWARD. Exodus 14:15 AMP. That is how you deal with fear you move against it and trust God you will be ok. Don’t allow fear to intimidate you; it has no power, the only one it has is the one you give it.

 Protect your mind against fear and speak back to the voice of fear 

If fear has been an issue in your life like myself, then you may need to do more to stand up against it. Don’t be quiet, the first place that fear attack is the mind, the only way to counteract the negative thoughts of fear that attacks your mind is to speak back at the fearful thoughts. Anytime I have to do something new or different, the voice of fear is the first one that comes up to give me all the reasons why l can’t do it. I call it the “what if ” voice. I have learnt to speak back to these voices, so they don’t talk me out of things that I have to do or intimidate me. I say things like ‘I can do this’ when the voice of fear says I can’t do it. I sometimes stand in front of the mirror and speak out loud to myself. Don’t allow fear to intimidate you, open your mouth and speak back to it.

Choose to stay in faith and in peace 

Fear is the Christian’s number one enemy; it stops God from working in our life because God only works in an atmosphere of faith and peace. Fear drives out both faith and peace.  When you are in fear, you open the door for the enemy to work in your life. It’s so important to address the issue of fear in your life because nothing good works in your life with it, it’s like a curse, rather it gives Satan the chance to operate in your life. If you want God to operate in your life, it’s vital to deal with fear. Fear also causes you to be unstable. God works in a stable environment when you are at peace. Exodus 14:14 says God will fight for you when you stay at peace. Satan is after your peace and will do everything to move you out of peace so he can come in, He’s not after your money, your job, but your peace and your faith because he knows you are powerless without these two and can come in to operate in your life. Fight to stay in peace and in faith to allow God to work in our life.


Fear will keep you in a job you hate because you are so afraid of the uncertainty of stepping out to try something different; fear will keep you in a group of friends you don’t like because of fear of being talked about or rejected. Fear can make you act in ways that you don’t like or do things that you don’t like just to be accepted. You have only one life don’t allow fear to dictate to you how to live it. Be a master over it not a servant to it.

Everybody experience fear at some point, but those who conquer it are those who move against it, those who confront it because fear will never go away. People who are doing great things or are making a difference in life are doing so not because they do not have fear but have made a decision not to allow it to stop them. The only way you can conquer fear is to feel fear but still go ahead and do what you have to do. You are too valuable to God to allow fear to steal what He has created in you. Do not waste the beautiful life that God has given you to fear. Set yourself free from it so you can achieve your best. Always remember it is a feeling it is not real. It is the feeling; you need to deal with.

You were not created with fear, you were created with power, love and sound mind. Fear is something you learnt, don’t entertain it.

A good book to read on fear is “Overcoming Fear” by Creflo Dollar