Are your weaknesses in the way?

Are your weaknesses getting in the way?; Do they hold you back?; Do they remind you each time you put a foot out to fulfil your heart desires that you are not qualified? You are not alone, I have learnt that you don’t have to have it all together before doing something great. If you are waiting to overcome all your weaknesses and perform perfectly and feel good about yourself, before you pursue your dream; then you will be waiting your whole lifetime.

No one is perfect

Everyone has something they struggle with; most people don’t allow it to hold them back and get on with life. There are some who let their imperfections dictate their lives. I have come to realise that people who are happy and fulfilled in life have made a choice not to focus on their flaws and downs in life but instead focus on their strength and the good things in their lives. It is not because they do not acknowledge their weaknesses but have made a decision not to let them take the front seats of their lives.
There are also people who are overly concerned about their weaknesses that they neglect their strengths. They allow their flaws to hold them back in living their lives and dreams. Sometimes they are so focused on working on their faults that they have no energy left to improve their strength.

Be like Paul, Moses and Gideon

Three people in the Bible inspires me with what they did in spite of their many weaknesses. They did not allow their shortcoming to hold them back from the great things they did. The apostle Paul, persecuted Christians greatly, he also had a thorn in his flesh, yet he wrote almost half of the new testament and today his books are some of the well-known and most read in the Bible. Moses had a speech impediment; he had an anger problem and was a murderer however he was the Lead person to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. Gideon was insecure, afraid, least in his family and came from one of the weakest clans in the Bible, yet he was the one who led in delivering his people from slavery. It goes to show that God does not use perfect people. So you and I do not have to be perfect to be used by God or follow our dreams.

What is your excuse?

I love personal development. For years I wanted to do something about it but was too afraid. I told myself I was too shy and not very confident to do this. I even convinced myself nobody would read what I write and believed I wasn’t qualified because of my flaws, so I did nothing about it. I’m still afraid and still don’t think I’m qualified but I decided to do something anyway because I choose to put my weaknesses in perspective and not allow them to cloud the good things that God want to do in my life.

Don’t let your weaknesses stop you

I have learnt that if these well-known Bible characters who did great things in their time, could do what they did with all their failings, then I can achieve my dreams with whatever I’m dealing with in my life. You don’t have to let your weaknesses stop you from doing anything. Everybody has some form of weakness, those doing great things have decided not to focus on them but concentrate on their strength and work with what they have.

Work on your weakness but LEAN on God

Have you tried to change something you don’t like about yourself? Have you told yourself you won’t do it anymore, but find yourself doing it over and over again? Getting rid of weaknesses is one of the difficult things to do. The best way to handle weaknesses is yes, by all means, work on them but LEAN on God to give you HIS GRACE to handle them. Take the pressure off yourself in fixing yourself and allowing your weaknesses and flaws to dictate to you what you can do and can’t do. Be like Paul who said “His grace is all I need. His power works best in my weakness…1Cor 12:9. Indeed it is when we are weak and dependant on God, that is when His power is displayed in us. The lesson here is, don’t let your weaknesses take the driving seat of your life.