3 John 1
“I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy
in body as you are strong in spirit”

Meet Lisa

Bringing the Best Out of Me is a blog platform created to inspire you to bring the best out of yourself. I believe there is greatness in everyone, but many are not fulfilling the purpose of the greatness within them. The reasons we are not (and how we can start) getting the best out of ourselves is the focus of this blog.

My name is Lisa Sarpong, and I am a woman on a mission. I have had my fair share of feelings of failure over the course of my life. I thought (like most people do) that having the best things in life such as being well educated, having a great career or business, being married, and belonging to the right social circle is what culminated to true success. I have come to realise that as great as these may be, it will be difficult to sustain these successes if I fail at achieving the best of myself.

This blog was born from my desire to share my experiences, life journey and discoveries, with the hope to inspire you to be the person you were created to be without compromise. A healthy YOU consists of being whole, complete and full. It is being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically fit and having healthy relationships. It is being in a place where external influences do not shake the foundation of who you are. Being complete does not mean you are perfect and without flaws, it just means being wholly healthy to help you achieve your best in life.

I strongly believe you need to be healthy in your mind and spirit to experience true success in life. It is hard to ascend the ladder of success as a broken person.

If you are not strong mentally, you are likely to crash under the pressure of success.

If you are emotionally unstable, you are likely to experience problems in relationships…and the list goes on.

You cannot have true success with a broken you. If you did succeed along the way, it will not be long before the cracks begin to show.


In Oprah Winfrey’s words,

“I sit here profitable, successful by the definition of the world but what really resonates deeply with me is that I live a fantastic life because my inner life is intact. I live from the inside out; everything that I have, I have because I let it be fuelled by who I am.”


No matter how much you try to acquire on the outside, your inner life must be intact for your success to be sustainable.

Are you doing what brings out the best in you?

Every person on the face of the planet has greatness in them. Some have no problem locating and living it because their gifts and talents are visible and obvious. But there is also another group of people whose gifts and talents are not so tangible and visible. These people believe sometimes that they have nothing to contribute to society because they can’t easily locate the greatness within them.

This affects how they see themselves, their worth and their value in comparison to those who are achieving greatness. These people tend to believe that others, who are doing things that society labels “great,” are better. Thankfully, God is not partial to anyone and He apportions a measure of greatness to every individual. The ones that seem to be successful are just slightly ahead because they have found their unique talent/purpose, hence why they are flourishing. If you are not succeeding—or as l like to put it, if you are not doing what brings out the best in you—maybe you should question why you do what you do.


In the words of TD Jakes,
“The reason you are failing is because you are failing at doing something you were NOT created to do.”


My call to you is a call to invest in yourself, so when you lay hold of what you have been designed to do, you are guaranteed the success you deserve.

I will be using this platform to share the things I have learnt, the things I am still learning, and the experiences on my journey of bringing out the virtue in me to be able to fulfil my full potential. I am on a journey as I work with God daily to help me bring out the best in me. If you desire to find the real person in you and the greatness within you, then join me on this journey and let’s do this together.

I look forward to connecting with you to discover all there is within us.