6 Truth that will boost your self-confidence

Self-confidence is a vital tool that every human being needs, to be at their best. Without it, we lack the self-belief and courage to live a happy and fulfilled life. Acquiring good knowledge of who we truly are, will increase the awareness of our self-worth, and that will ultimately boost our self-confidence.

Below are a few truth about who we truly are;

You are God’s Masterpiece

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece….

A masterpiece is the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman. If God says you are His masterpiece, then you are not ordinary. He is saying, in all the things he has created you are the one thing He is most proud of; what matters most to Him is you. This is a statement that should take your breath away. Artist understands this better, out of the many things they have created, there is one true work of art that stands out, and that is what they call their masterpiece. You are God’s masterpiece, uniquely designed, one of a kind, not average, cannot be duplicated, different and original. Think about it over and over again and allow it to sink in. Amongst the many things, He created He chose you to breath His life into. You are indeed His best and most outstanding creation. If you are going to reach your highest potential you have to see yourself as an original, as unique, as God’s own masterpiece.

You are engraved in God’s Palm

Isaiah 49:16 See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…

God loves you so much that He has engraved you in the palms of His hands. When something has been engraved, it means it cannot be removed, erased, cancelled or washed away. God have you permanently embedded in his palms. There is no way He can forget you. It shows how special you are to Him.  This is one of the most beautiful expressions of God’s everlasting love for us. In today’s world, you can liken it a person who has tattooed their loved one on their body to express their love for them. Think of it, you have been tattooed in the hands of the Creator of the Universe. How does that make you feel? That should make you feel very special and valued. That is how much you mean to God. He loves you so much he does not want to lose sight of you so He has a photo of you in his palm. In today’s world if God had a computer or a mobile phone He would have your picture as the screen saver. You must cling to this thought and remind yourself of it the next time you feel abandoned. For God to forget you or abandon you, the scars inscribed in the palm of His hands must disappear. He can never forget you. That is how much you mean to Him.

 You are God’s treasured possession

Deuteronomy 7:6 The Lord, your God, chose you out of all the people on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.

A treasured possession is something that is very valuable or precious to you. It’s something that you really care about. If God says you are his treasured procession it means, you are very special and valuable to Him. You are the one that God treasures the most. He has a great deal to choose from since everything in creation is His. The moon, the sky, the stars, the birds, the animals, and everything is His. But He choose you as His most treasured possession because he created you like himself and breath his life into you.

You are the apple of God’s eye

Zechariah 2:8 For he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye.

The phrase apple of my eye refers to something or someone that is very special or cherished above all others. If God refers to you as the apple of His eyes, then you must know you are very special and valuable to Him. The eyeball is what is referred to as the apple of the eye; it is the most precious and jealously protected organ in the body. It is one of the most delicate and well-safeguarded organs. That is exactly how well protected and cherished you are to God. If you won’t allow anything to hurt your eyeball, don’t expect anything to hurt you under God’s protection. For God to call you the apple of His eye goes to show how much you are His utmost priority. You are very dear to him. Think on these words over and over again for you are very much loved and cherished.

You are precious and honoured in His sight

Isaiah 43:4 Since you are precious and honoured in my sight, and because I love you, I will give nations in exchange for you, and peoples in exchange for your life.

Whether you believe it or not, God considers you as His precious, you may not feel so, but that is the truth. We have to learn to see ourselves through God’s eyes and know that we are of great value to Him. Decide to see yourself as someone’s precious and not just someone but Almighty God. It does not matter who has rejected you; no, it does not matter because someone greater calls you His precious and nothing can top that. We mean a lot more to God than we can understand with our little minds. You and I might make some terrible choices, but our value in the Master’s eyes does not decrease even a little bit. He certainly does not approve of our wrongdoing but our preciousness before Him stands unaltered. In comparison to other living things, humans are more precious in God’s sight.

You are Good

Genesis 1:31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good….

When God created you, He looked at you and said YES awesome! Approved, this is my masterpiece, my most pride procession. If the Creator has a stamp of approval on you, why would you allow another creation to make you feel unapproved? You are GOOD, take God’s word for it, it does not matter what is missing in your life, God the creator said you are good. If you needed it He would have given it to you, if you don’t have it then you don’t need it. TRUST HIM when He said you are good. Your greatest concern must be what God said about you. What others say about you is none of your business. Hold on to what He said. In today’s lingual, they would say you are “ba…d”. Say it to yourself “I am good”.

There is one common truth in all of the above, and that is you are very much loved and valued amongst all of God’s creation. Hey! no longer rate your self-low.