3 Positive ways to approach weaknesses

The key to self-improvement is to discover your flaws and shortcomings and either work to improve them or find a way to turn them around to work for you.

I find these 3 approaches very useful in handling my own weaknesses.

Find your strength and focus on them

When you are busy exploring your strength, you have no time to focus on your weaknesses. Concentrating on your faults can stagnant your growth; it can affect your confidence in building other areas in your life and can limit the development of your abilities. Find your strengths and create awareness of them. This strategy is not to avoid facing your weaknesses, but instead, it’s to distract your attention on them, so you can place them on the positives in your life and things that are working in your life. Focusing on your weaknesses only drains you and leaves you with no power to do anything. But the positives fuels you with the energy you need to improve on your strong points. As the saying goes “whatever you focus on grows”. I am an introvert and don’t do very well with big groups socially, but I’m great with one to ones, and small groups. So I focus on what I’m good at and make the most out of it instead of centring all my energy on something that is not my strength.

Turn your weaknesses into strength

We can sometimes find strength in our weaknesses. Some flaws can be turned around into strength depending on how we choose to view them. One way to do this is by recognising your flaws and embracing them for what they are; then examining them to see if they can be turned into strengths. People who are arrogant usually possess a confident personality and have strong self-belief that they can do anything, this is a skill if used properly can aid them to succeed where a modest person will be less successful.

Work on your unhelpful weaknesses

There are certain weaknesses which can be detrimental to your life, if not addressed. If you have a problem with anger, you will have to work on it or seek help to deal with it. Everyone has something they struggle with, that is what makes us human so you should not feel bad about it. It becomes a problem when you don’t deal with it and allow it to rule your life. While you work on your weaknesses, you can use the experiences you gain to help someone who struggles with similar issues. I have always been shy, and that prevented me from doing many things I loved. That is what led me to start my blog to share my story to help someone and also to showcase that people with my personality type can find ways that works with their personality to pursue their dreams. Greatness lies within every individual.

If you look at it this way, weaknesses, are not a bad thing after all. It’s what you do with them or how you decide to view them are what makes the difference. They are part of being human; if you don’t have any, then you are not human. Sometimes it’s something that God leaves in us to teach us how to lean on Him. Like God did to Paul in the Bible with “the thorn in his flesh” 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10. Instead of fighting with flaws all the time, do what you can humanly do with them and lean on God to do the rest. No matter what your personal weaknesses are, there is a way to change the behaviour pattern or turn a personality flaw into a strength.